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Meet Dr. Doreen Groves, D.C.

Dr. Doreen Groves is a New Jersey native. For nearly 2 decades Dr. Groves was a part of the conventional medical community as a registered nurse at St. Joseph’s Hospital working in the pediatrics, labor & delivery, neonatal care and surgical departments. While applying to medical school her career choice took a 360 degree turn when she experienced severe migraine headaches which were only helped by chiropractic care. As a result of this experience Dr. Groves attended Life Chiropractic University and graduated Magna Cum Laude in 1990.

Now equipped with years of medical knowledge and a doctorate in Chiropractic, in 1997 Dr. Groves founded North Dover Chiropractic Wellness Centre in Toms River. The ability to utilize this knowledge is what sets her apart from all other practitioners in the area.

Although Dr. Groves treats patient who find themselves in a variety of pain from such things as neck pain, back pain or headaches; she prides herself on making sure that the cause of the problem is addressed. The cause may be the result of an injury or accident or simple overuse; but it may be a result of something such as your diet, environmental factors or stress, which is a real health concern for our culture. Dr. Groves possesses the skills and advanced knowledge to evaluate your condition and determine the best course of treatment to allow you to live the best possible life. Dr. Groves has many years of advanced training and is the only certified practitioner in Ocean County for Metabolic Typing and Contact Reflex Analysis and is presently working on her certification in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition and scoliosis treatment. Our office uses state of the art technology such as the Insight Millenium that NASA uses to assess the health status of Astronauts.

Dr. Groves also possesses the knowledge to address the needs of athletes. Whether you are a weekend warrior, play on a college team, or a professional athlete living in the area, she can help you. For many years she has been helping all kinds of athletes recover quicker and acquire that peak performance they are all looking for. She has first hand knowledge for many years with her own children, her daughter is an aspiring professional dancer and both of her sons played football in high school and one for a division II college.

Besides always exploring ways to improve the health and lives of people in her community, she is a dedicated and loving wife and mother of three. Dr. Groves understands the challenges that face a busy family today: to make sure that they are living a healthy lifestyle.

We want to thank you for visiting this page and encourage you to join the many other patients who receive care in our office and are enjoying a better life because of it.

Yours in health,
Dr. Groves