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Chiropractic Care for Sciatica Treatment and Relief

Written By North Dover Chiropractic Wellness Centre on December 17, 2020

Sciatica Treatment With millions suffering from sciatica pain every year, some patients tend to think it’s simply a part of everyday life. Understanding your sciatica pain and finding the right chiropractic care to bring you relief is closer than you think. Your sciatica doesn’t have to be part of your everyday life. 

Understanding Sciatica Pain

The underlying cause of sciatica pain is simply compression against your sciatic nerve.  This compression can happen as a result of several issues, including

  • Pregnancy: During pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through tremendous changes and growth, some of which ends up placing added pressure against the sciatic nerve. This can happen during childbirth as well. 
  • Hernia: A hernia from an athletic injury or heavy lifting, as well as a slipped vertebrae disk, can cause a misalignment of the spine that leads to compression against the nerve. 
  • Medical conditions: Some conditions like diabetes or physical injuries can cause the nerve to become compressed or pinched. 
  • Subluxations: A lumbar spine subluxation occurs when the vertebrae along your spine come out of alignment. It can happen from traumatic injuries or poor posture over time.

Whatever the root cause may be, the added pressure on your sciatic nerve will send shooting pain along the entire length of the nerve, which runs down the lower spine, through your hips, and down your leg. This pain can be constant and dull, and it can be sudden, unexpected, and intensely sharp. 

Finding Relief from Pain with Sciatica Treatment

Regardless of how your sciatica pain came to be, treatment, relief, and recovery are all within your reach. With chiropractic treatments to help readjust the misalignment in your spine and finding ways to decompress the pressure on your sciatic nerve, a chiropractor can tailor treatment to you and your injury. 

This care is also supplemented with methods to reduce inflammation, which can alleviate pain, and ultrasound treatments to increase circulation, which promotes healing and reduces swelling and stiffness to bring added relief. Lastly, the use of electric nerve stimulation helps the sciatic nerve find temporary pain relief that can give moments of clarity and reduce stress. Our chiropractors will work with you and your unique case to provide the right treatments to bring you relief from your sciatica pain. 

Your sciatica pain doesn’t have to be part of your everyday life. You deserve relief, so contact  North Dover Chiropractic Wellness Centre and let’s find a sciatica treatment plan that’s right for you.

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