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Meet Dr. Mosenson, D.C.

Dr. Nicole MosesonDr. Nicole Moseson received her Doctorate of Chiropractic from Life University, Marietta GA in 2015. Dr. Moseson has over 6 years of practicing as a chiropractor in wellness practice and personal injury in New Jersey and New York.

During her years of practice, Dr. Moseson has adjusted a wide variety of patients, including children, pregnant women, athletes and geriatrics. She utilizes diversified adjustment techniques with soft muscle mobilization to help patients with pain and muscle issues. She is certified in Webster technique, MUA, Chiropractic Sports Physician and EMG/NCV testing. She is also fluent in Spanish, allowing her to help more people.

Dr. Moseson is an alumnus of New Jersey City University in Jersey City, New Jersey with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. She is a member of the National Spanish Honor Society, a former Biology teacher for Proyecto Science at New Jersey City University, and a former chemistry tutor. She was a member of the Who's Who Award, Biology Honor Society and held positions for different organizations at the university. She is published in McCoy Publications with a case study "Improved Gait, Balance and Coordination in an 85-year-old Male Undergoing Subluxation Based Chiropractic Care."

I've adjusted many different patients, but the top one that comes to mind is this pregnant woman who was having difficulty with her pregnancy. Through adjustments, she was more comfortable which also enabled an easy delivery. After delivery I had the honor of adjusting the new baby.