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Patient Testimonials

My 11 year old daughter and I have been under Dr. Groves care for years. Her advanced training in getting to the cause of the problem and having the tools to guide us with chiropractic, specific nutrition and appropriate lifestyle choices has allowed us to handle all of our health challenges in a natural way. Dr. Groves is very unique, not only with her knowledge and skills and advanced training but she is an amazing person and loved by young and old alike. If you are looking for a provider in your area or need to travel for her unique skills, its worth the trip, she is a one of a kind-Randi from Monmouth County NJ.

14 years ago I suffered from neck and shoulder pain, but my biggest problems were the inability to sleep through the nights and irregular bowel and digestive problems. Tired of hearing me complain, my husband convinced me to go see Dr. Groves. I was reluctant at first and deathly afraid. Since being under care, I no longer have neck and shoulder pain. I sleep through the night, my bowel and digestive issues have been resolved, I think clearer and I have a lot more energy!! Coming here was the best thing I ever did for myself!!-Roseann M from Ocean County NJ